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Hello! Hello! Hello! You have stumbled upon my page for a reason...Maybe fate, Maybe Curiosity, or maybe you are looking at every single Photographer you come across on social media. What ever the reason, I'm stoked you're here. I love meeting new people and I never underestimate the power of good connection and energy. So that being said, stay awhile, comb through my pages, creep on my social media and see what I've been up to.
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Meet Abby

Abby is a fabulous Make-Up artist with over 14 years of experience. She is a blast to work with and her talent will make you feel so confident in front of the camera!

Abby also offers styling for Brown Stones !

Meet Madie

Madie is my social Media Guru!
You will get meet her on our shoots!

Madie is a Junior at Indiana University studying Musical Theatre. She is a Bloomington Native and looking forward to making more memories in this wonderful city. Aside from theatre, Madi enjoys modeling and using social media as a marketing tool. She can't wait to take your photo session experience to the next level.

Photography is a gift, it's a gift of time frozen so you can be taken back to a moment that you cherish.
I fell in love with Photography early in life and it grew even more important when I became a mother. When ever someones comes into the world, celebrates a milestone, or we say good bye to a loved one, we all reach for our photos. Sometimes it's to remember, sometimes it's to escape to a time of love and laughter or maybe to bring the memory of a loved one back, even for a short time.
I love photography, it's why I chose it as a profession, I can't think of anything better than to give the gift of time to someone.